“There is no other event in Australia, and only a handful in the entire world, where so many of the world’s best food minds are in the same place at the same time. It’s a wonderful step forward for the Australian food movement as a whole.” Scott Brady, Global Marketing Manager | Breville

"Gourmet Escape is exactly the event we needed in Margaret River to define the region as one of Australia's premier wine and food destinations. Initially I was sceptical the event would live up to the hype but it has exceeded all our expectations. It's such an exciting time of year as people from all around the world arrive to experience the best of Margaret River. My tours sell out months in advance but really I see the long term benefits as the message we are the epicentre for gourmet experiences in Western Australia, this provides year round business for the hundreds of wine and tourism operators. I've seen tremendous growth in the Eastern Australia and Singapore market in the past few years. "

"When we were speaking to the visiting chefs during Gourmet Escape, it became clear that the relationship between our the region's farmers and our chefs stands out as unique. The geographical proximity of our producers to those who are preparing the food means that great bonds are formed, and the quality of what reaches our plates is consistently high. It is fantastic to see how this dedication is now helping to motivate people to visit the region." Pip Close, CEO | Your Margaret River Region


"Gourmet Escape, without question, is the greatest food event on the planet. What confirms my statement, is chefs from every single part of the earth are here. When they leave, it's life changing. Why? Becasue they've been introduced to something truly magical." Marco Pierre White, Chef & Restaurateur, London, UK


"Life doesn't get much better than this...Honestly, I don't think that there is any other food event on this planet like this." Heston Blumenthal, Chef & Restaurateur | The Fat Duck & Dinner by Heston, UK


"Margaret River Gourmet Escape is the real foodies dream...it's one of the most beautiful locations in the world, with some of the best produce in the world, with some of the best chef's in the world." George Calombaris, Chef & Restaurateur | The Press Club, AUS


“With its freshness and vibrancy, focus on quality and fun, and its up-close access to some of the heavyweights of the culinary world, this is truly one of the best celebrations of food and wine in the world – certainly worth travelling 24 hours from London for.” Victoria Stewart, Journalist | Evening Standard, London


“The Gourmet Escape this year was another year of mixing it up with the world’s best chefs, Australian and international. It’s all about the relationships for me. We are lucky, we get to learn and share, to drink fine wine, share our passion, indulge in our passion and show off our amazing produce. Where else could I do that? Nowhere...because it only happens here in Margaret River.” Dany Angove, Head Chef | Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River

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